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Personal Goals Call for Personalized Help. Let Crescent Franchise Solutions Help Make Your Dreams a Reality. Here’s how CFS helped Scott move forward with his future in mind.

Personal Goals: We’ll create a well-rounded plan aligning your family and business goals.

“Everybody has a different goal in life. Everybody has different things that make them happy. So the first couple of meetings, it was just you know [about life], and when they left, my wife and I talked and said, ‘Well I thought we were talking about the business here.’ It ended up being a larger conversation. They got a true picture of who we were, what we were about, and what we want to do in life. That’s how they began to structure our finances. [For example] if we were to sell the business or if we were to pass away, [we planned out] how to divide things between my two daughters, considering what they wanted and what that would look like for them. They covered it from soup to nuts. Everything was very detailed.”

It’s more than just a succession plan. It’s a road-map you can rely on.

“It really surprised me. I had no expectation of that. I was just looking for a comprehensive exit plan but they really went above and beyond what I ever thought they would do. It really, really surprised me and we did a complete plan and that’s what we have in place right now. I had nothing like that. The book must be three inches thick of everything that is to happen. If something happens to me, my wife will just pull out the book, or give these guys a call and she’s got someone [or something] to help her through the process.”

Don’t let the unknown drag you down any longer. We’ll guide you through the complexity and ensure a comprehensive and unique solution.

“Having that in place has been a tremendous relief for me because I started thinking about this around 50 years old. I went out and got three life insurance policies and they dropped off at different ages, so I said well, ‘I’m little covered here and started doing these bits and pieces’. We’re all busy people, and [I] finally, getting late in the game here and going, ‘Wow, I really need to do something with this.’ So the plan’s in place, we just got to work the plan. Really, peace of mind is worth a lot. To know this is in effect has been a great asset to me and my family and we’re very pleased to have this.”

Make the first move toward securing your dream! We’ll be there every step of the way.

You can trust us to customize a plan to fit your needs. We’re a team that will put your family, partners, and employees first. Schedule a free consultation to find out how we can help you clarify, establish, and maximize your dreams.

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