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About Crescent Franchise Solutions

We specialize in helping franchise owners meet varied financial and business goals, including the eventual transfer of the business.
We’re here to help you every step of the way.


Call Today: (941) 923-3663

Crescent Franchise Solutions are experienced
Business and Franchise Consultants

Where do you want to take your franchise?
Where would you like your franchise to take you when it’s time to sell or transfer?

At Crescent Franchise Solutions, we help clients with these questions every day. We understand the challenges you face.

A beacon of light in a very specialized business, Crescent Franchise Solutions is passionate about helping franchise owners like you. We shine the light on your business like only experienced franchise consultants can. We know you worked hard to build your successful franchise, but perhaps you haven’t had the time to plan or even envision your exit.

How do you plan to reap the rewards you worked so hard to build when you transfer franchise ownership?

What We Do


  • Work with franchises as small as one store and as large as hundreds.
  • Consult with franchise owners looking to pass on their business in as soon as 3 months or as long as 10 or more years.
  • Assist owners in addressing the complex emotional, financial, family, tax and legal issues inherent in franchise succession.
  • Help clients decide whether keeping the franchise in the family, selling to venture capitalists or transferring ownership to select employees is the best option.
  • Work holistically with owners and their advisors to develop solutions tailored to their objectives.

At Crescent Franchise Solutions, we make it our business to know you, your business and your concerns. Our clients won’t find cookie-cutter solutions here. You can trust us to give you the advice and solutions you need to successfully transfer or sell your business.

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