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Effectively dividing time between work and home is challenging for employees, but it’s a near impossibility for business owners.

Work-Life Balance

Is Work-Life Balance Possible for Business Owners? While many self-employed business owners expected greater control over their schedules, the reality can feel overwhelming rather than empowering.

As if balancing work and life weren’t challenging enough, today’s reality of Covid-19 and lockdowns adds extra pressure and time management demands. Adhering to protocols to keep employees, customers, and ourselves safe can feel like another full-time job brought into the mix.

Whether your office is currently remote from home or in a physical space, without a designated support system, personal time is often sacrificed for juggling multiple owner hats.

Yet, neglecting to make time for rest and personal connection can lead to burnout or illness.

Often, though, there doesn’t feel like enough hours in the day to prioritize both personal and professional goals. Especially with today’s uncertainty and frequent adaptions to ensure businesses survive less traffic, the need to do more can feel prolific.

In actuality, sometimes less is the answer.

Even in ideal settings, rarely is time dedicated to work and home a perfect 50/50 balance. There’s a continual ebb and flow of demands. When the business requires more energy and focus, the tendency is to pack as much as possible into precious personal time.

Instead, focus on one or two quality opportunities: long walks, board games, leisurely dinner, reading in front of the fireplace, or reconnecting with friends and family (virtually if necessary).

When the roles are reversed, focusing on personal priorities doesn’t require sacrificing the bottom line and neglecting business roles. While, franchisees can enlist the help of built-in support systems, independent owners may need outside resources.

With many students home attending virtual schooling, don’t overlook internships or hiring a few hours of digital marketing to alleviate stress of maintaining social media presence. Furloughed friends or neighbors with expertise in accounting or customer service may also alleviate pressure of wearing every hat.

Is Work-Life Balance Possible for Business Owners?

We can’t predict when this pandemic will end and business owners can breathe a sigh of relief, but Crescent Franchise Solutions will be at their side braving the waves together to reach their goals… personally and professionally.

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