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Find out what Crescent Franchise’s founding partner, Brian Grogan, has to say about selling your business.

Are you unsure of when you should sell your business?

When is the Right Time to Sell a Business? “My brother-in-law and I have owned our own business for over 20 years and help business owners and franchise owners sell and exit their business through comprehensive succession planning at Crescent Franchise Solutions. We always get the question when we start our engagement, ‘When’s the right time to sell?’ And it’s a pretty simple answer. It’s when you’re prepared to do it.”

Our team shares your passion for putting your franchise in its best light, ensuring that you and your family realize your dreams. Whatever that may look like to you. Transitioning out of your business is a significant financial decision, and we want to help you prepare to do it responsibly and on your terms, making the transition as smooth as possible.

Set yourself up for success.

“The worst outcome is selling a business when you don’t want to, but you have to for some unforeseen and unprepared event. But if you properly prepare and you’ve done all of that work, then that’s the right time to sell. Owning a business for as long as we have, we understand that business owners are insanely busy, and anytime they have outside of work is usually spent with their families. They don’t have time to spend on their business. They’re just in their business every day.”

When you’re insanely busy, it’s easy to put off important planning. Make a conscious effort to choose a future that highlights your legacy as you intended it.

Use Crescent Franchise Solutions as your live and informational guide.

Let us help you with one of the most significant decisions you’ll make. We understand this will affect your business and family dynamics. When you partner with us, we’ll talk through what a successful succession means to you and work around those principals. This includes collaborating on a roadmap (whether short-term or long-term) that defines a solution and plan of action to maximize your equity and establish your legacy. You’ve worked hard to build this business, and now we want you to reap the rewards you deserve.

Let us help you plan your best next step.

When is the Right Time to Sell a Business? Call us at (941) 923-3663 or contact us online. Here at Crescent Franchise Solutions, we can help you prepare. We know the right questions to ask. Make your move down the right path so that you can realize the wealth you’ve spent your entire life building and make it a successful event. Give us a call today!

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