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Where do you want to TAKE YOUR FRANCHISE when it’s time to SELL OR TRANSFER?

Transferring a franchise is different than transferring other businesses. There are laws and bylaws that must be operated within. We understand these, and we’ll work with you, our partners, and your advisors to create a strategic solution designed to meet your goals. Is it time to sell or transfer your franchise?

Customized Four-Step Succession Process

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While franchise owners do business under unique governance, they share common concerns with typical business owners. These concerns include how to:

  • Identify and manage family dynamics
  • Create roles for qualified family members, ensuring the business is thriving before transfer
  • Establish family governance, so family members understand their business roles
  • Align business and family goals
  • Improve operating results, to ensure a top-performing franchise and best sale price
  • Institute a management continuity program
  • Benchmark to provide an apples-to-apples comparison of value to peer franchise owners
  • Work with your other professional advisors, including legal and tax pros
  • Define an exit strategy, including determining when, why, and how
  • Equalize an estate, when some siblings are in the business and others aren’t
  • Maximize owners’ equity and wealth creation

Succession and Business Continuity Challenges

At Crescent Franchise Solutions, we provide all the information you need to reap the rewards you worked so hard to build. We work with franchise owners like you to help facilitate life’s most important financial decisions with an understanding that your business and family dynamics are as unique as your definition of ideal succession.

Franchise owners have different ideas about how to transfer their companies, but they share major traits. They:

  • Work endless hours, built their businesses from little or nothing, and want to establish a legacy;
  • Understand their business inside and out, but need counsel on how best to transfer or sell their franchise;
  • May get great business support from their franchisors but lack all the information they need about how to efficiently and profitably transfer their business

Your Plan – Is it time to sell or transfer your franchise?


  • If family succession is your goal, our team of experts will provide the advice and solutions to give your successors the best chance of success;


  • If you want to sell a large operation to outside interests, we have a unique understanding of and network into the venture capital world. We’ll work with you to determine if this is the appropriate avenue to travel;


  • If you intend to sell to key personnel or a larger group of employees, we’ll present you with a roadmap that might include an ESOP or other transfer techniques.

Our Mission

We have a passion for helping franchise owners make the most important financial decisions of their lives. At Crescent Franchise Solutions, we understand many owners have their wealth tied up in their franchises. When necessary, we work with our partners to benchmark your equity potential versus peer franchises. Count on us to help you define a clear strategy to maximize your franchise’s value and eventual sale.

Whatever your current situation, our team will share your passion to put your franchise in its best light, ensuring that you and your family realize your dreams. See how we can help you in your journey by calling us at 941-923-3363 or visit our website for more information.

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