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Hire and keep your best employees – A significant way for companies to attract highly qualified employees and keep them is to offer family and medical leave as part of their benefits package.

Hire and Keep Your Best Employees

For women, in particular, having time off to care for a newborn or tend to a family member in need can be a game-changer when considering a job offer.

How offering FMLA benefits increases your prospects to hire and keep your best employees

The FMLA, enacted in 1993, requires businesses with 50 or more employees to provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave, with some companies choosing to extend leave time beyond that period.

A business with less than 50 employees is not legally required to offer leave but voluntarily provide leave policies.

As a result of providing family and medical leave policies, employees have guaranteed job security. In contrast, employers have lower employee turnover, which saves them on training costs and allows for continuity of productivity.

To fill in the gap, employers are hiring temps. Today, many skilled workers have made a personal choice to choose temping as their work lifestyle.

Three Ways Implementing the FMLA is a “WIN” for Everyone

1. Families win when employers recognize the importance of family while providing job security.

2. Temps win by having the opportunity to use their skills by stepping in to offer short-term solutions.

3. Companies win by attracting and keeping valuable employees by providing family and medical leave, recognizing that there are times when family comes first.

When you own a franchise and begin succession planning, a primary goal is to pass the reins on to someone, whether it be a family member or employee, who will ensure that your years of long, hard work will continue after you retire.

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