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As a client, I liked how personable Crescent Franchise is.

They are interested in our family and how our family dynamics work. It is never only a business thing, it is more of a personal nature and every time we’ve met it’s always been that way. I appreciated that.

Peace of Mind

I have a great peace of mind now because I always wondered what if something happened to Scott. What would I do with his businesses or our businesses? Now I have peace of mind knowing I can call Crescent Franchise to come. I know that they are going to be there and help me walk through the process if that problem ever presents itself.

Start early

I would encourage anyone that has a small business or a franchise to reach out to Crescent Franchise. It’s never too early to start thinking about this and getting the pieces in place. I wish I had done this 10 years ago, 12 years ago. Do it, the earlier the better. It’s easy to put this off. You may think hey, I’m 45 years old, I’ve got time. I’m 40 years old, I’ve got time. But really the earlier you start to get all these pieces in place, the better off you are.

Crescent Franchise stays with you and doesn’t quit until it’s complete.

Crescent Financial stayed on task. Their diligence really surprised me. They didn’t wait for me to call them. They were always on the phone, hey we got this piece, hey let’s get this done, hey let’s meet and do this. They made sure I was taken care of.

We had little things happen in our business in the last couple of years that we’ve had to address. Crescent Franchise kept on it to make sure I got this finished. We had a little downturn in our business and we went through a difficult period. We got straightened out, but they stayed right on it and they made sure that we finished everything in this plan.

They just didn’t say, well okay he’s not calling me, we got our money and see you later. That just wasn’t the case. They earned their money and they keep on caring. They will not stop until the job is complete.

Have you had time to plan or even envision your exit strategy?

How do you plan to reap the rewards you worked so hard to build when you transfer franchise ownership? Crescent Franchise Solutions can partner with you to develop an exit strategy that will allow you to keep your earnings and maintain your lifestyle. Contact us today!

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