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At Crescent Franchise Solutions, you’ll get access to our dynamic team of franchise consultants.

process + services = solutions

Why is franchise succession different than the transfer of other businesses? For starters, owners must operate within franchisors’ laws and bylaws. It takes a specialist to understand these requirements. We understand, and we’ll work with you, our partners, and your advisors to create a strategic solution designed to meet your goals.

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While franchise owners do business under unique governance, they share common concerns with typical business owners. These concerns include how to:

  • Identify and manage family dynamics
  • Create roles for qualified family members, ensuring the business is thriving before transfer
  • Establish family governance, so family members understand their business roles
  • Align business and family goals—because there is no separating the two for most owners
  • Improve operating results, to ensure a top-performing franchise and best sale price
  • Institute a management continuity program
  • Benchmark to provide an apples-to-apples comparison of value to peer franchise owners
  • Work with your other professional advisors, including legal and tax pros
  • Define an exit strategy, including determining when, why and how
  • Equalize an estate, when some siblings are in the business and others aren’t
  • Maximize owners’ equity and wealth creation


At Crescent Franchise Solutions, you’ll get access to our dynamic team of franchise consultants. We’ll work with your centers of influence and offer suggestions for legal and tax help to achieve a coordinated solution.

Ultimately, you can trust Crescent Franchise Solutions to provide a roadmap ensuring a successful transfer of your business. We’ll shine a light on any tax, legal, and legacy challenges you may have, and help you address them.

We will help align your business and family goals by constructing a comprehensive roadmap to a successful conclusion.

If you are searching for an unbiased team that puts the needs of your family, partners, and employees first you’ve come to the right place. Trust Crescent Franchise Solutions to help you meet your succession challenges.

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